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Uranus quincunx Chiron

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The following interpretations are supplied by different contributing editors and may not correspond to established professional opinion. Please seek a professional astrologer for more accurate results. Keep in mind that no placement is inherently detrimental, every human characteristic can be expressed positively but it may take some conscious effort.
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The following aspect interpretations apply only to natal or birth charts. Please see Synastry aspects for comparison charts, and Interpreting transits for transit aspects.

This aspect is highly transforming, causing a huge whirlpool in consciousness for Uranian, electrical energy. The natives tend to be exceptional, and will at some point create something very special. Chiron acts as a mediator or bridge, potentially enabling Uranus' energies to be powerfully expressed in their lives, either for good or ill. Nevertheless, the intense stress of the aspect can also push them into preoccupations that broaden their range of perceptions too much. They can become so concerned with the bigger picture, collectively or spiritually, that they may forget about their own needs. One way or another, they need to gain understanding of the potent collective issues, as well as the trans-personal consciousness that Chiron's aspects denote.

Natives crave freedom from obligation, especially in relationships. They frequently tend to make sudden changes, cutting off relationships and careers midstream. Unexpected and usually unwelcome events could also tend to happen to them. They love new ideas and want to try new ways of living, perhaps feeling driven to overcome limitations, to stand out in a crowd. They have a strong belief in individualism, as long as it is their own. They may be intolerant of others' ideas. Since they believe in freedom of speech and thought, they may also be totally unaware of these anomalies in their own behavior. They may feel an urgent need to make their mark, to be remembered for their individuality, no matter what they did or didn't do in their lives. They want their own lives to mean something in the general plan of history, and may become caught up in social and political issues.

Even more reserved natives, those less inclined to become personally engaged in social or political controversy, will quietly look for the unusual, or the bizarre, and follow less traveled paths. They can be brilliant and original thinkers, iconoclastic and challenging, often seeing problems with keen perception. Their sharply focused minds may make others feel uncomfortable, for they often view life distantly, with detachment. Their wound may be a disconnect with their personal feelings, as well as the disenchantment they feel when their ideal plans meet practical physical reality.

The natives are confident that everything can be altered; nothing is holy, and custom may be seen as mere limitations to be ignored. That said, while wantonly resisting outward restrictions, they may be inexplicably resistant to deep inner change. They may find creative introversion hard, for they are often unsatisfied in their search for something new and different. Some have a "weird" ability to include the unexpected without being thrown off course. They may thrive on a lot of change, often going out on a limb and courageously trying new things, even in the face of contempt or lack of support. On the other hand, they could have a problem with admitting to their mistakes; they may be fragile and rigid, incapable of changing direction and flowing with the tide of circumstance. Their real creative abilities normally become apparent once they have found and accepted their own standards of limitation and self-control.