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Transiting Neptune and Chiron in 2008/Sherryelyn

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Neptune and Chiron: Healing Through Sacrifice

                          By Sherrye Lianne Weinstein (Sherryelyn)

As I write this in June of 2008, quite an unusual coupling has been seen transiting Aquarian skies. In recent months, Neptune and Chiron have been moving together amost as a unit, and will continue to travel in close proximity of one another through the Zodiac for the next few years. While their paths diverge a few degrees here and there, after a couple of false starts and retrogrades they move together as a sort of "odd couple" into Pisces in 2011. During their travels we will see occasional conjunctions that blend them into a single force.

Neptune and Chiron have several commonalities that will become increasingly evident. Both planets are symbolic of sacrifice and suffering, sometimes indicating suicidal tendencies or a solitary struggle to die...The ultimate sacrifice; to be "released" from worldly bondage. Both of these planets are related to toxic substances, toxic thought, poisoned body, spirit, or emotion, and also the possibility of moving above and beyond that toxicity to heal. Neptune and Chiron relate to dreams and dreamwalking as a source of healing, particularly through Chiron's student Aesculapius, the Physician Priest. And Chiron and Neptune align themselves with the healing power of music, particularly that of Higher Spheres.

It is said that both planets bring an awareness that is beyond the average experience. Also, Chiron and Neptune are related to greater realms of wisdom, often through prophecy, although there is uncertainty behind the wisdom of Neptune until it dissolves and merges with the Highest.

An ancient image also links the two. Both Chiron and Neptune are symbolized by the solitary Hanged Man of the Tarot, achieving spiritual bliss through physical sacrifice. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, was shot in the heel and poisoned, which is reminiscent of the wounded Odin who hangs by one leg from the tree of the world. Through this Hanged Man symbol, we become "suspended" to achieve Greater Consciousness.

While the transit occurs in Aquarius, the emphasis may be on sacrifice, suffering, and healing of humanity as a whole, through technology or the dissolution of technology, and through revolution. New vibrational techniques may be used in healing. In some ways, our technology may no longer be able to keep abreast of the situation, and may no longer be our Savior. We may see Spirit developing Form before our eyes, and Form evaporating into Spirit, increasing our awareness and perspective. We may then turn to our spiritual selves for answers.

We may constantly be surprised by events, as structure and form will be ever-shifting beneath our feet. We may begin to understand what is behind the appearances of UFOs, and what exists beyond previously known dimensions. Although it may be frightening at times, perhaps we are being hearkened back to recognizing our true selves as Light Beings, as we may find ourselves retreating from artificial and superficial constructs. We will be awakening to the needs of humankind, and may discover a new source of Light. We recall that Chiron's quest to achieve mortality and die as a man leads to his placement in the stars.

When the transit enters ethereal Pisces, there maybe more of a sense of martyrdom among people, as they find themselves sacrificing much of what they have been accustomed to for the Greater Whole. Physical and material worlds may lose ground, and material goals may lose meaning, leading to perhaps a sense of physical dissolution and spiritual ascension. We may at first feel very dark, until the need to move past all the muck is evident. The lesson to be learned may be to "let go", or "Let go and Let God" as some say.

The waters of the planet may play a big role in this scenario, as may disease or toxicity. However, on one level the cleansing waters may be "Baptismal", initiating us into new experience and an awakened Life. Forms of music and vibration, perhaps containing a code for Ascension, may bring our transmuted selves back into alignment. While Neptune merges worlds, Chiron's quest becomes almost Christ-like. There may be great opportunities for redemption and transmutation, for total and complete healing, for reuniting with our individual souls, and for merging in a sense with the One. We may gain a "knowing" that goes way beyond the five senses. Realities will blend, and therefore they will become somewhat surreal.

With both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, fears, hopes, and dreams all become a real part of our environment. The impossible may become possible, and the unseen is now seen. We may be contacted by other worlds and dimensions, and apparitions may become more visible. Many creatures whose existence have been disputed by science may have the chance to come forth. Vibrations raise and become less dense.

Perhaps our worlds of illusion, delusion, fantasy and dreams will merge with truer wisdom, and become a path to the Divine. With all the questions circulating about the year 2012, perhaps the answer lies somewhere within the transit of this Dynamic Duo, which seems to beckon us to leave form and the status quo behind. Yet when we do, we may not even notice.