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Saturn opposition Midheaven

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The following interpretations are supplied by different contributing editors and may not correspond to established professional opinion. Please seek a professional astrologer for more accurate results. Keep in mind that no placement is inherently detrimental, every human characteristic can be expressed positively but it may take some conscious effort.
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The following aspect interpretations apply only to natal or birth charts. Please see Synastry aspects for comparison charts, and Interpreting transits for transit aspects.
Saturn opposition Midheaven indicates limiting vulnerability on a deeply personal and hidden level, most likely due to childhood issues, which set these people up to be their own worst enemy in the work arena. These people gravitate toward work situations that inhibit through drudgery, rigid rules, or management decisions that stop their progress. The cause of these setbacks is not obvious and may appear to come entirely from outside the self, due to the subconscious, subliminal nature of the vulnerability. The difficulties these people encounter in the workplace and public arena are rooted in a shattered self-image due to parental issues. Therefore, it is essential for them to establish a whole new inner parent image by restructuring both their psyche and their environment. By rebuilding the home life, centering the self, and psychologically healing from the past by first facing it honestly then letting it go, these people can turn their lives around. Some form of regular self-analysis is highly recommended, as it will first be necessary to thoroughly confront and understand one's current self-image as it relates to past experience before being able to rebuild it.

These people have a tendency to doggedly persist in their efforts in an attempt to gain success. This may be the only way they have ever gained any success, and so they think they must put their shoulder to the grindstone and put up with unpleasant or demeaning circumstances all the time. However, this is unnecessary. These people need to find support groups, friends and job situations that are positive, flexible and forgiving in their approach. They need to be constantly reinforced in a positive self-image both by themselves and others, and it will be up to them to demand that from life by refusing to engage in negative thoughts and words, and applying their dogged persistence to creating a positive and psychologically healthy environment both at home and at work. Their self-worth must not be defined by approval from others, but rather from self-trust gained from consistently meeting one's own expectations and goals. This can be built up gradually by first starting with simple home-based projects and short-term goals, eventually building up accomplishments that support self-worth and personal values. Commitment to self-esteem and psychological health must precede their outer success in life, but it will come if they work at it and have faith in themselves.