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Saturn opposition Ascendant

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The following aspect interpretations apply only to natal or birth charts. Please see Synastry aspects for comparison charts, and Interpreting transits for transit aspects.
Saturn opposition the Ascendant is also conjunct the Descendant. These people may be private, self-conscious, untrusting, resulting in either avoidance or an overbearing attitude with others. Their vulnerability is likely to be hidden from individuals behind a mask of authority and responsibility. They may have been required to present such a mask early in life, perhaps due to a missing father figure, though inside they may be lacking the confidence they project. They may not be aware when they are being overbearing, pessimistic or cold; however, they may project their behavior onto others by being demanding, critical, or stand-offish in demeanor.

On the other hand, they can have a wonderful, refreshing, dry sense of humor, and playful attitude toward life. Yet they must overcome their coldness in relating to others, for this to occur. By overcoming their fear of rejection and abandonment, this will allow the individual to be able to relate to others more naturally and with ease.