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Pluto in the fifth house

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The following interpretations are supplied by different contributing editors and may not correspond to established professional opinion. Please seek a professional astrologer for more accurate results. Keep in mind that no placement is inherently detrimental, every human characteristic can be expressed positively but it may take some conscious effort.

Common Interpretation

That of a strong libido is the most obvious meaning of Pluto in the fifth house. The native will however be extremely reserved as to this aspect of his existence. In some cases one’s strong sexual drive will be carefully hidden. One of the possible exceptions to this rule can be seen in the case of artists or of those working in the entertainment industry. Personal magnetism and a subtle sensuality will be two of their greatest strengths, together with their creativity and ability to constantly renew the forms of their artistic expression.

A true passion for teaching – especially practical subjects or at primary schools – may be present.

One’s attitude towards romantic relationships may be exceptionally stern, or there may be the will to play a dominating role. There may be an ability to attract very passionate partners. Histrionism may be a source of popularity in one’s mundane life, and it could coupled to the tendency to reveal as little as possible about oneself.

In a male chart particularly severe afflictions of Pluto could indicate sterility, but not impotence. In a female chart, and if the Sun and Venus are afflicted as well, there is the chance the native may meet unsatisfying sexual partners. In the most extreme cases if these afflictions constitute an important feature of an already very “tense” chart showing several debilities of both the personal and sexual planets, the native may work in the sex industry.

Individual Interpretations

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