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Neptune in Capricorn

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The following interpretations are supplied by different contributing editors and may not correspond to established professional opinion. Please seek a professional astrologer for more accurate results. Keep in mind that no placement is inherently detrimental, every human characteristic can be expressed positively but it may take some conscious effort.

Common Interpretation

Neptune is rather uncomfortable in Capricorn. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusion, of the complete dissolution of boundaries. It is thus displeased with its location in the materialistic, no-nonsense sign of Capricorn. The generations born with Neptune in Capricorn are realists; they like to see their dreams turn into reality, to see their subconscious hopes come out into the conscious world.

The negative parts of this placement should be clear. People with this placement are often unable to countenance flights of fancy. Practicality is the ideal for this generation; they want to make their dreams work, gosh darn it, or else what point is there in having them? Duty and honor are big to them; they tend to look back nostalgically at their ancestors, to venerate traditions as 'right' and 'good', which may impede any forward-thinking drives. They tend not to be very mystical or spiritual, which is a stark contrast to previous generations. If they seek spirituality, it is often in the form of traditional worship; while Neptune in Libra and Neptune in Scorpio are known for the types who are 'spiritual, not religious' people with this placement would be more likely to be described as 'religious, not spiritual'. They may shift their patterns of addiction from illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, meth, etc.) to legal ones (alcohol, prescription medications, etc.) which are considered more "acceptable".

On the positive side, those with this placement are uniquely empowered to bring their dreams about in the practical setting. While normally Neptune's dreams are kept in the subconscious, when it is placed in Capricorn natives have the skill set to bring those dreams out into the real world. They are pragmatic and levelheaded; though you may not find them out on the streets protesting causes they believe in, they are often the ones running charitable organizations or working within the system to make change. This makes them more successful than most in getting their plans achieved, though this is often at the expense of scope. Resurgences in study of "the classics" are common; they appreciate their forefathers' work. They may also be involved in "mainstreaming" more non-traditional practices, by providing Capricorn organizational skills for organizations that they believe sorely need the help (occasionally to the displeasure of other generations).

Individual Interpretations

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