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Moon in the eighth house

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The following interpretations are supplied by different contributing editors and may not correspond to established professional opinion. Please seek a professional astrologer for more accurate results. Keep in mind that no placement is inherently detrimental, every human characteristic can be expressed positively but it may take some conscious effort.

Common Interpretation

The house of the Moon reveals the early childhood experience and view of the mother's role in the family. It indicates where we are most nurturing or where we expect to be emotionally supported by others. The house of the Moon is the area of life where we are most emotional, instinctive and exhibit subconscious repetition of past habits (or karmic patterns).

With Moon in the eighth house, the mother is associated with tragic loss or suffering. The native may have also seen the mother as dependent or emotionally manipulative. Emotional sensitivity is increased, and particularly with a water or perhaps earth Moon, or an association to Neptune, there may be psychic abilities. The native is likely to feel an intense need for intimate union with another, and be emotionally demanding in relationships. As a result of repeating patterns from childhood, there can be much suffering in relationships and financial matters before the native learns to control their impulses and avoid negative attitudes.

Individual Interpretations

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Famous People with Moon in the eighth house

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