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Mercury trine Ascendant

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The following aspect interpretations apply only to natal or birth charts. Please see Synastry aspects for comparison charts, and Interpreting transits for transit aspects.

Those with Mercury trine the Ascendant identify with communication of ideas and learning. They generally have a quick, intelligent mind, one that they are usually willing to share with others. Recalcitrance is not something often found in people with this aspect; they tend to so strongly lobby for their ideas that they can come off as pushy. However, this pushiness is more often seen as forthrightness or eagerness, so they are not often disliked for this trait. They know how to properly express their own personality, are not often misunderstood.

If the trine is formed with Mercury in the 9th house, it indicates a possible flair for foreign languages. They usually appear quite nervous in temperament, fidgeting with their hands, hair, or other accessories. Their body language is usually quite expressive, though it can be reined in without too much difficulty.