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Mars square Chiron

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The following aspect interpretations apply only to natal or birth charts. Please see Synastry aspects for comparison charts, and Interpreting transits for transit aspects.

This aspect can manifest (particularly early in life) as illness, lethargy or lack of motivation. Violence, aggression, or constant blocking of the way forward occurs whenever these individuals attempt something. They may feel a great deal of pain in regards to their own personal ambitions and desires, so they may use this pain as a focal point in order to move beyond it. It will take dedication and consistent effort to deal with the underlying reasons for these blocks, to confront the issues of Chiron and to heal them. No progress can be obtained without doing so, therefore as with all squares, this aspect almost guarantees that these people will eventually confront the darkness within. Whether they are able to heal and use this immense energy for good depends on the rest of the chart, their personal evolution and free will.

Famous People with Mars square Chiron

  • Michael Jackson
  • William Blake
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Billy Graham
  • Jim Jones
  • Jay Leno
  • Jean Paul Sartre


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