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Alpha Orionis. Betelgeuse is a giant red start in the constellation Orion.

Below is a delineation of Betelgeuse as found in Anne Wilson’s encyclopedia of fixed stars.

“General influence of the star: According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in good aspect. It gives martial honor, preferment and wealth. (Robson). Superior athlete, being endowed with outstanding agility and speed of body. Variable moods and the mind always anxious with the immediate problems of the day. Honors and titles. (Noonan). Everlasting fame. (Ebertin). Said to be a harbinger of wealth. (Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology). Orion will fashion alert minds and agile bodies, souls prompt to respond to duty's call, and hearts which press on with unflagging energy in spite of every trial. A son of Orion's will be worth a multitude and will seem to dwell in every quarter of the city; flying from door to door with the one word of morning greeting, he will enjoy the friendship of all. (Manilus). Placed in the angles, preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised. On the Ascendant and in conjunction with Mars there will be danger of death by lightning, fire, explosions, firearms or similar things. Elsbeth Ebertin recorded that in June and July of 1927, when the Lunar Node was in conjunction with this fixed star, that groups of people died by lightning or were victims of explosions or assassination. (Ebertin).”1


Note 1: Anne Wilson, Capulus, The Fixed Stars. Last accessed 21 September 2006.